Jerry Blackwell, P.Geol.
Jerry is an exploration consultant based in Vancouver. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1974 and has been employed in exploration since. Jerry is known for his involvement in early-stage projects exploring for gold, base metals, and uranium and has led or been part of teams that have identified and delineated discoveries in Canada and Peru. He has been an officer and director of numerous junior resource companies over the years. He continues as a technical advisor to groups exploring in South America, Mexico, and Africa as well as the in the US and Canada.

Shawn Ryan
Mr. Ryan grew up in Timmins, Ontario and began his career in exploration in the early 80’s working with Kidd Creek Mine’s geophysics team. It is here that he began to understand the science of geochemistry and exploration techniques.

Mr. Ryan moved to the Yukon in ’91 and until 1996 harvested wild gourmet mushrooms with his wife and business partner Cathy Wood. As a self-taught prospector, Ryan saw an opportunity with science to research the Yukon for its mineral potential.

Through his advanced soil-sampling techniques, Ryan made his first discovery with the White Gold project optioned by Underworld Resources in 2007 and acquired by Kinross Gold Corp in 2010. Mr. Ryan is also responsible for the discovery of gold at the Coffee project, which he optioned to Kaminak Gold Corp.

With these discoveries, Ryan began the largest staking rush the Yukon has seen in 100 years. With approximately 35,000 claims to his name, he continues his hunt for the next mineral deposit in the Yukon.

He has been honored with the Yukon Chamber of Mines Prospector of the Year in 1998, the 2010 Prospector of the Year by the BC/Yukon Chamber of Mines, and the PDAC Bill Dennis award in 2011 for prospecting success with a Canadian discovery.

DR. K. Sethu Raman
Dr. K.Sethu Raman is a proven mine finder and a successful entrepreneur with more than 46 years of international experience in all phases of exploration, mine development, acquisitions and operations as well as experience in financial and legal areas. He has pioneered many new exploration concepts and strategies which have led to the discovery of eleven significant gold, silver, copper, zinc, phosphate and uranium deposits located near established mining camps, seven of which went on to become producing gold mines in Canada.

As President and CEO of Holmer Gold Mines Ltd (1985-2004) and Director and Advisor to Lake Shore Gold Corp (2004-2016), Dr. Raman has been the driving force behind the discovery and development of the Timmins West Gold mine in a previously unknown faulted extension of the Timmins Mining Camp. The surrounding area hosts several deposits and profitable mines operated by Lake Shore Gold with an annual production of 180,000 ounces of gold in 2014. On April 1, 2016 Lake Shore accepted a friendly $945M takeover offer by Tahoe Resources Inc.

Dr. Raman previously spent 13 years with Campbell Chibougamau Mines/Campbell Resources and the Royex Gold Mining Group of companies controlled by Ned Goodman. He joined as a Research Geologist and held various management positions including Vice President from 1980 to 1986. Here he played a key role in the discovery and development of six gold mines in Quebec, Ontario and the Canadian Arctic increasing the market cap from $25M to $1B. Subsequently these companies were sold to Home Stake Mining (now Barrick Gold) and Patino Mining Corp.

He holds a Ph.D. in Geology from Carleton University and a UNESCO Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of Vienna, Austria.